Style up solid colours

Simple, versatile and stylish – solid colour dresses are a certainly wardrobe workhorses, and here at kay me we rely on them for every day in the office, for special presentations and for formal events, not to mention fuss-free travel and long conferences… the situations are endless.

But how can we keep our favourite dresses feeling fresh? kay me stylists gave a few handy hints…

Contrasting jacket


(Royal blue shell & white bolero jacket, Peach sleeveless flare & off-black stole cardigan, Black halter & white collarless jacket)

A jacket in a different colour – think light jacket with dark dress or the opposite – creates a pleasing contrast that highlights your face and flatters your silhouette.

This simple styling trick works with light, dark and bright colours, for work situations as well as evening dinners and receptions. Choose matching or contrasting shoes and accessories to complete the look.



(Navy daily & fiesta rose silk wool, Royal blue cache-coeur & pure white silk wool, Navy space & ice blue silk wool)

It’s no secret that we love our artisan handmade scarves from kay me select!

Specially chosen by kay me founder Junko Kemi, our diverse range of stoles in wool, silk and cashmere blends are the finishing touch to any outfit. Choose from lace details, intricate weaves, and hand-sewn beading and sequins.

Docking dresses


(Oana chiffon blousing, Town panther wrap, Black drape, White and navy knit switching, Chainon navy piping, Office animal blousing)

For a different approach, why not try our fantastic “docking” and blousing dresses that combine a contrasting skirt and top in one dress for a stylish two-piece look with all the ease of a one-piece dress.

Stick with solids for a colour-blocking effect, or play with prints for each occasion – florals, animal and geometric designs are now available.

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