Around and about in Tokyo: Shinjuku

Rounding off our Tokyo trip, today on the kay me blog, we’re off to Shinjuku to visit our beautiful Club lounge and store, and discover the vibrancy of Tokyo life.


Stop by our Club lounge for exclusive kay me events (check our Japanese Facebook page and staff blogs for more information) and as a place to unwind in the heart of one of busiest areas of Tokyo. Customers at our Shinjuku 3-chome store can also take advantage of our custom dress ordering service, also now available online for those outside Japan.

Famed for it’s nightlife, Shinjuku has bars and restaurants to suit all tastes, with homemade style Coffee Lounge Lemon and French import Mariage Freres situated directly opposite our 3-chome store. Stop in for sandwich platters at the former, and afternoon tea at the latter.

For a change of pace that may seem at odds with the rest of Shinjuku, head over to the charming Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, an extensive park with plenty of benches perfect for admiring the view, as well as a large greenhouse and Japanese style tea room. Nearby Shinjuku station is known as the world’s busiest train station, so be sure to take this chance to relax in serene nature.

What to wear in Shinjuku: bright colours


(Amaranth cross, Pink grapefruit asymmetry, Aurora wrap, Royal blue shell)

Take a cue from the neon surrounding you, and opt for bright and bold colours in this frenetic part of the city. Soft, stretchy and comfortable, our dresses, jackets and skirts will ensure that you can keep on enjoying Shinjuku all day and night without worrying about uncomfortable clothing.

Around and about in Tokyo: Nihombashi

Today on the kay me blog, we take a trip to Nihombashi, Tokyo’s historic city centre and home to our store inside the world-famous Nihombashi Mitsukoshi department store.


Quite literally in the centre of Tokyo, Nihombashi’s famous river and bridge have been somewhat lost amongst the highways and skyscrapers of this bustling district, but worry not as plans are underway to re-route the overpass and restore Nihombashi back to it’s former Edo-era glory.

Discover hidden cafes and traditional Japanese treats just around the corner, with one of our favourites being cake-maker extraordinaire Bunmeido cafe’s “french castella” – the Japanese take on the Portuguese cake this time cooked like French toast. For coffee lovers, a trip to the MIkado flagship cafe is a great chance to taste the original Nihombashi blend, created in 1948.

Of course, a trip to the Mitsukoshi department store is a must – as you explore the store don’t forget to appreciate the marble facings that have been specifically protected, as well as the giant wooden statue of a Japanese angel, unveiled in 1960.

A store of many firsts dating all the way back to 1673, including Japan’s first fashion show in 1927, as well as kay me, you can also find stationery, homewear and even a perfectly preserved small theatre.

What to wear in Nihombashi: kimono


Feel the history of Nihombashi under your feet, and take the chance to bring Japanese prints and patterns into your life (and wardrobe) with our Contemporary Kimono dresses. Inspired by the legacy of kay me founder Junko Kemi’s grandmother’s kimono boutique, our Contemporary Kimono dresses combine unique prints with easy-care fabrics and styles that are a pleasure to wear.

Around and about in Tokyo: Ginza

This week on the kay me blog, we’re taking a look at some of our favourite places around our stores in Tokyo, starting with our home and atelier headquarters, Ginza.


Ginza became famous as Tokyo district known for it’s European-style brick buildings and roads, with a fashionable image that continues to this day. From theatres and department stores to restaurants and beauty salons, Ginza is a place to people watch and to be seen yourself.

Just around the corner from our store in Ginza, you’ll find a striking piece of public art, Young Clock Tower by renowned artist Taro Okamoto, famous for his Tower of the Sun sculpture made for the Osaka expo.

The tiny park that houses the clock is also just next to the new Tokyu Plaza store, with a whole floor dedicated to made in Japan gifts that make excellent souvenirs for loved ones (and yourself!).

Head further down the main street, and a left turn takes one towards the uniquely Japanese Takarazuka theatre. Showing international musicals and luxurious revue shows, with all parts played perfectly by Japanese actresses, early mornings and evenings see fans lining up catch a glimpse of their favourite stars.

A short walk further down the road is Hibiya park, a green oasis near the imperial palace and host to various events. Featuring water fountains, ponds with carp and turtles and children’s play areas, Hibiya park is a favourite place for local workers in high rise skyscrapers to relax amongst the greenery during their lunch break.

What to wear in Ginza: silk


Capture the elegance and modernity of Ginza with our 100% silk jersey dresses – inspired by authentic kimono prints and made from our patented fully washable soft and heavy silk, kay me silk dresses are a great option for dining out in the evening and taking in a show.

Three challenging colours and how to wear them

Here at kay me in the atelier, in our shops around Japan and of course online, you can find our beautifully handmade dresses in every colour of the rainbow. From warm red and orange through cool green and blue, our dresses are available in solid colours and well as our original prints and patterns.

As much as we love this rainbow of choices, needless to say that some colours are easier to wear than others – how many people would pick classic navy over bold yellow for a day in the office? How about for a weekend on town, or a vacation overseas?

Today we take a look at three of the most challenging colours, based on feedback from our Japanese customers, and find new ways to step into style…

One: Yellow


(Yellow dalmatian peplum, Jupiter 100% silk)

Vibrant, energetic and sunny… as much as we love all shades of yellow, worries about looking too pale or ill can hold us back from embracing this powerful colour.

For our Yellow dalmatian peplum dress, we chose to pick out the white background of the print and pair this stunning dress with our beautiful artisan handmade scarf. Wrap over the shoulders to create a more subtle look.

In a similar way, we paired the rich gold tones of our 100% silk Jupiter dress with a simple cache-coeur knit top, creating the look of a top and skirt.

Two: Green


(Pothos blousing, Coffee beans daily)

Earthy, cool and natural… shades of green can be the jewel in your wardrobe with just a little styling!

Our Pothos blousing dress features a printed floral top in shades of green and white with a contrasting black skirt. Highlight the brights with a white jacket that focuses attention on your face, or wear with a black jacket that perfectly matches the skirt and shows off just a hint of green underneath.

Our new Coffee Beans daily dress is a must for caffeine fans, with rich brown and light beige against cool teal. For spring and summer, wear with a white jacket for the office or our elegant white parker for days out and about.

Three: White


(Pure white lace peplum, white bi-colour shirtdress)

Pure, soft and fresh… white is a lovely choice for summer, but white skirts and dresses are always a magnet for mysterious stains and splotches. However, fear white no longer with our hard-wearing fabrics – machine washable, drip-dry and non-iron, wear and wash our whites again and again.

Working with white, we paired our bi-colour shirt dress with a black jacket that highlights the striking contrasting colours of the design.

For a more muted look, we topped our white lace peplum dress with a light beige jacket for a soft look that is feminine and professional.


Have you been inspired to wear a more challenging colour? Find your new favourite dress, with free global shipping and customs charges included.

Summer national holidays in Japan 2018

This week on the kay me blog, we’re taking a look at the national holidays that are celebrated during the summer season.

All year long, national holidays are celebrated throughout the country, and naturally summer is no exception. Here at the kay me atelier in Tokyo, we’ve pinned down our favourite summer holidays with styles and colours to match! Keep scrolling for vacation inspiration…

July 16th – 海の日 – Marine Day


(Blue-grey Marilyn, Light blue goldfish, Ice blue stripe cotton)

A day to celebrate the beauty of the sea and its bountiful ocean life. Near Tokyo, the historical Kamakura area is popular with tourists and locals alike, and did you know that Chiba, best known as Tokyo’s adjoining suburb, is now a surfing hotspot?

Capture the freshness of sea breezes with cool blues and whites, featuring hidden goldfish and marine stripes.

Don’t forget to add one of our luxurious handmade scarves in matching tones to protect from UV rays, as well as add an extra style element to your outfit.

August 11th – 山の日 – Mountain Day


(Italian olive cotton, Pothos daily, Aurora wrap)

With Mt Fuji visible from many an office building and apartment in Tokyo, it’s no wonder that this world-famous natural feature is marked on the newly added Mountain Day. As well as Fuji, Mt. Takao, Mt. Mitake and the Oku-Tama countryside are just a train ride from central Tokyo.

Add a natural feel to your wardrobe with our botanical-inspired prints, and shades of green.

Our super stretchy fabrics are certainly comfortable enough for low-level hiking, but we’ve yet to put our dresses to the ultimate test…

September 17th – 敬老の日 – Respect the Aged Day


(Wagasa cache-coeur, Peony grey wrap, Hana kurenai 100% silk)

Japan is know for having some very long-lived residents, with many previous world’s oldest citizens holding the crown. Indeed, the story of kay me begins with brand founder Junko Kemi’s grandmother’s kimono boutique in Osaka, and we celebrate our Japanese heritage every day with our authentic kimono-inspired prints and 100% silk dresses.

Discover the beauty of true Japanese design with our wagasa (Japanese umbrella) and pretty peony print dresses.

Our patented washable silk jersey is practical as well as pretty, using unique techniques developed here in Japan. Learn more about our silk production here.

September 23rd – 秋分の日 – Autumn Equinox


(Beige pink leaf chiffon, Carrot orange wrap, Aka-michelle)

Brining us to the official end of summer, even when the hot temperatures regularly continue to mid-October, is the autumn equinox, this year falling on 23rd September.

Many people in Japan practice koromogae, the act of changing your wardrobe for the seasons by putting away spring and summer clothes such as light dresses and skirts and taking out autumn and winter items such as coats and heavier jackets.

As a nod to the change from summer to autumn, why not introduce rich warm colours again? Start with our glamorous leaf print long dress in chiffon…

Print story – seaside stripes

Hi everyone, and happy Marine Day from Japan! It’s Yuko from the kay me atelier team, back again to share with you the story behind the stripes of our lovely long skirt




I’m lucky enough to love by sea, just outside Tokyo. With the sound of the waves and the beautiful blue of the sea, I feel like my senses are healed every day!

So, we decided to make a charming stripe print. (Did you know that horizontal stripes are called “border” in Japanese? Vertical stripes are simply stripes!)

We chose this hand painted style with random wavey lines, just like waves.

So, how about the colour? We tried a few combinations:


Cool colour tones, chic and mature pinks and greys, warm colours, cute and grown up…

Well, after all, this print is inspired by the sea, so in that regard we decided that the strongest combination is classic navy and white. We also chose to place the stripes diagonally to create flattering lines – this takes a lot of time to match the stripes on each side, but it’s worth it for the beautiful end result.


Why not try a marine-style outfit by wearing our long skirt with white, or with darker navy for casual weekends in the city?

Until next time… Yuko.

The Beauty of Japanese Summer Flowers

We’re no strangers to a floral print or two here at kay me, and the stunning nature that surrounds us in Japan in every season is a constant source of inspiration for us, as well as for artists through the ages.

The hot and humid summer is a riot of colour if you know where to look: as well as the extensive countryside and large parks, balconies, side streets and even staircases in the Tokyo metropolis are home to flowers of all shapes and sizes.

Join us today as we look at a selection of summer flowers that can be found in Japan, and dresses that capture the essence of colourful floral beauty.

Hydrangeas – ajisai (Taisui Inuzuka)


(Lila waist-gathered, Blue space, Utopia wrap, Blue one-shoulder)

Probably our favourite part of rainy reason, gorgeous hydrangeas in all shades of blue, as well as pinks, purples and even greens, can be found all over Tokyo during June.

Pick up on the variety of colours with our Lila and Utopia prints, or capture the elegance of shimmering petals in the rain with our one-shoulder shimmering blue dress.

Sunflowers – himawari (Sakai Hoitsu)


(Limone flare, Flower dance wrap, Yellow dalmatian peplum, Spring yellow wrap)

Nothing brings a smile to our faces like a charming sunny sunflower!

Bring a little more sunshine into your life with our Limone and dalmatain peplum dresses, or bring out the contrast in our Flower dance and Spring yellow wrap dresses, both with hidden tab and button to ensure maximum comfort and skirt security.

Iris – ayame (Shoson Ohara)


(Labyrinth 100% silk, Purple drape, Purple botanical waist-gathered, Lavender wrap)

Brining summer colour lakes and ponds across Japan, the deep purple iris flowers is complimented by their delicate petals.

These frills and folds are echoed in the pattern of our Purple drape and Purple botanical waist-gathered dresses, while our 100% silk Labyrinth dress calls to mind the opulence of royal palaces with ornamental gardens.

Rose – bara (Ohno Bakufu)


(Pink cache-coeur, Toki michelle 100% silk, Burgundy flare silhouetteBlack rose 100% silk)

Romantic and alluring or cute and charming? Roses can be spotted in all manner of colours, and our favourites have to be classic reds and pinks.

Our Black rose dress in 100% silk is a natural choice to celebrate the classic beauty of roses, or choose the flowing A-line shapes of our cache-coeur and flare silhouette dresses, the latter with charming ribbon detail that looks like an origami rose.

Keep your eyes open for a new and very special rose coming soon…

Style up solid colours

Simple, versatile and stylish – solid colour dresses are a certainly wardrobe workhorses, and here at kay me we rely on them for every day in the office, for special presentations and for formal events, not to mention fuss-free travel and long conferences… the situations are endless.

But how can we keep our favourite dresses feeling fresh? kay me stylists gave a few handy hints…

Contrasting jacket


(Royal blue shell & white bolero jacket, Peach sleeveless flare & off-black stole cardigan, Black halter & white collarless jacket)

A jacket in a different colour – think light jacket with dark dress or the opposite – creates a pleasing contrast that highlights your face and flatters your silhouette.

This simple styling trick works with light, dark and bright colours, for work situations as well as evening dinners and receptions. Choose matching or contrasting shoes and accessories to complete the look.



(Navy daily & fiesta rose silk wool, Royal blue cache-coeur & pure white silk wool, Navy space & ice blue silk wool)

It’s no secret that we love our artisan handmade scarves from kay me select!

Specially chosen by kay me founder Junko Kemi, our diverse range of stoles in wool, silk and cashmere blends are the finishing touch to any outfit. Choose from lace details, intricate weaves, and hand-sewn beading and sequins.

Docking dresses


(Oana chiffon blousing, Town panther wrap, Black drape, White and navy knit switching, Chainon navy piping, Office animal blousing)

For a different approach, why not try our fantastic “docking” and blousing dresses that combine a contrasting skirt and top in one dress for a stylish two-piece look with all the ease of a one-piece dress.

Stick with solids for a colour-blocking effect, or play with prints for each occasion – florals, animal and geometric designs are now available.

Simple summer styling tricks

We’re now officially in the heat of summer here at the Tokyo kay me atelier, with August set to be the peak of the season.

Summer can be hot and humid, so we turned to our trusted stylists working at kay me stores around Japan for their top tips for surviving and thriving stylishly this summer…

Go sleeveless


(Navy rib front zip, Navy Swarovski, Light denim mermaid, Milano rib navy)

The easiest trick of all – choose a sleeveless style for a breezy look that works all day long. Choose from a variety of silhouettes for different occasions, available in different fabrics. We’ve highlighted just a few of our favourite styles, and we’re sure you’ll agree that for versatility in summer, sleeveless is the way to go.

For formal situations and strong air-conditioners indoors and on transportation, top off with our made-in-Japan knitwear to guard against the chill.

Stylist tip: Darker colours are less likely to show sweat and stains, but remember that all kay me items are fully machine washable!

Add a scarf


(Light grey future flare & Rose pink lace jacquard, Orange marilyn & Pure white silk wool, Navy future flare & Paris pink silk wool lace frame, Blue-grey marilyn & Mist grey foil print lace)

While this may feel counterintuitive in hot weather, a scarf can be a useful coverup – draped over the shoulders it can protect from harsh UV rays, it can be folded on your lap during meetings or travelling, and adds a splash of colour in any situation.

Our kay me Select scarves are handmade individually by expert craftspeople with generational of knowledge behind every design.

Take a look at our favourite scarf tutorials here and try a new way to style your stole today.

Stylist tip: Go for contrasting colours to highlight your individual style, or matching colour families for a harmonious look.

Pretty prints


(Monet chiffon, Limone flare, Oana chiffon blousing, Wonder earth daily)

Naturally, at kay me we love a floral print. Inspired by the beautiful nature and culture surrounding us here in Japan, we often look to the natural world to guide us, as well as the incredible authentic kimono prints discovered in kay me founder Junko Kemi’s grandmother’s kimono boutique.

Stylist tip: Let your dress do the talking with our bright and bold designs, keep all eyes on you with simple accessories in plain colours.

Enjoy the summer wherever you are, and don’t forget the sunscreen…

Material story – Rayon

Hi everyone, it’s Yuko from kay me’s atelier team!

Today I’d like to tell you all about one of the fabrics we use here at kay me, rayon.


So what is rayon made of? Starting with fibre (cellulose) contained in natural wood pulp, it’s chemically melted to make the soft fine fibres that make up rayon. Although it’s chemically made, modern rayon is strong and supple, as well as skin-friendly – feel cool in summer and warm in winter.

Believe it or not, it’s actually recommended to wear in the summer as it has a natural deodorising effect!

One of the reasons we choose to use this fabric is the rich lustre of top-quality rayon, and how well it can take colour meaning prints stay sharper and bolder for longer.

It also drapes beautifully, helping to show off the handmade tucks, pleats and drapes of our unique dress patterns.

Take a look at some of my favourite dresses available in rayon:


(Aka-michelle waist-gathered dress, Monet waist-gathered dress, Comet drape dress, Lila waist-gathered dress)

Until next time… Yuko.