Learn more about the history and heritage of the kay me brand:

Founder & Head Fashion Designer, Junko Kemi

Junko Kemi, CEO and head fashion designer, started her career in the Boston Consulting Group as a management consultant before starting her own brand, kay me.

After an exhaustive search through Tokyo, Junko couldn’t find any suitable day-to-day business attire that was feminine and comfortable while still being professional, and that would also be machine washable at the same time. In 2011, kay me was born to solve the needs of businesswomen everywhere.

About kay me

kay me was founded in 2011 in Ginza, Tokyo. The motto of kay me is simple – “instant elegance with day-long comfort”, with the aim of helping businesswomen across the globe feel elegant, comfortable and confident throughout their busy schedules.

On the 5th anniversary of kay me, kay me international Ltd. was established in the UK on 1st June 2015, with the goal of bringing our exclusive “made in Japan” quality dresses to women everywhere.

kay me’s Five Features

  1. Stretchy
  2. Machine Washable
  3. Business Ready
  4. Made in Japan
  5. Kimono Inspired

Made in Japan

kay me is 100% manufactured by skilled artisans in Japan, and over 90% of kay me items made in Tokyo. This makes kay me an excellent choice for ethically produced clothing – support the Japanese sewing industry and feel good about the clothes you wear.

kay me uses bespoke stretchy materials that provide extreme comfort, which in turn needing expert tailors to produce – one of the many reasons why kay me is manufactured purely by artisans with years of experience in Japan.

Original Print

kay me uses unique prints that you won’t find anywhere else, and all fabrics are printed in-house by our team of experienced artisans. A kay me dress will always be as unique as you.