7 Color cardigans for summer

Have you seen our amazing new collection of seven cardigans yet?

Available in our specially-woven lightweight tencel summer knit, our new cardigans come in a delicious variety of fruity colors that are chosen to pair perfectly with kay me outfits.




Needless to say, our new cardigans are fully machine washable, and so comfortable to wear. Our breathable knit is especially recommended for hot and humid summer months, and will wash and dry quickly with no need for ironing.

What’s more, our cardigans feature charming crystal buttons in a variety of shapes to add a touch of sparkle to your style!

Keep reading for seven fun and fresh ways to wear our new cardigans…



(Peach vitamin cardigan, Ammonite daily dress [from late May])

Pair our pretty peach-pink cardigan with our striking Ammonite dress (coming late May) for a softer take on a geometric design. The peach color highlights the warmer tones in this print, and looks wonderful for cafe brunches and weekday get-togethers.

Blue Hawaii


(Blue Hawaii vitamin cardigan, Blue fonce flower gather dress)

For a strong contrast with a traditional floral print, the coolness of our Blue Hawaii cardigan gives an unexpected twist, great for sunny days commuting to and from the office.



(Raspberry vitamin cardigan, Navy blue square neck gather dress)

Add a touch of bold color with our stunning cardigan in Raspberry red, a great match with our retro-feel square neck dress in classic navy. This chic color combination is sure to turn heads!

Coconut White


(Coconut white vitamin cardigan, Sax blue venus dress)

Fresh white looks fantastic against a summer tan, and the mist-matched buttons of our cardigan add the final sparkle and shine to to our simple cardigan in white. kay me stylists love this look for garden parties and summer weddings.



(Blackberry vitamin cardigan, Optical pink venus dress)

Black doesn’t have to be boring with our easy-to-wear cardigan. Experiment with different ways of buttoning to change up your style, and use this black cardigan as the perfect coverup in the office.



(Lemon vitamin cardigan, Ammonite venus dress [from late May])

Zesty lemon is a popular choice here in Tokyo, with this light and bright shade capturing the essence of summer. Wear with a geometric print such as our Ammonite dress in blue for a natural contrast.



(Mint vitamin cardigan, Optical gray Marilyn dress)

Bring monotone shades to life with a bold color, such as our mint green cardigan. Woven as a single piece including cuffs and placket, our round-neck cardigans are a must-have.

Having seen our fabulous cardigans, the question is: which one (or two, or three…) will you choose?

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