kay me’s new lovely lace dresses

Have you seen our stunning lace dresses yet?

Available in two colours, blue and navy, our dresses are entirely made of top quality soft and slightly stretchy lace. Not only that, our lace dresses also hide a few secrets up their sleeves…

Machine washable


Yes, that’s right – our lace dresses are also fully machine washable at home! Simply pop in a garment bag for best results, and you can relax and rest assured that your dress will drip dry and need no ironing either.

All items being easily washable at home is one of our key kay me features, and one that we’re particularly passionate about as part of our time-saving quest.

The ultimate wrap


We love wrap dresses… except when they come undone. Luckily, while our jersey wrap dresses feature a special button and tab closure, our new lace dresses are designed to look like a wrap, but keep all the coverage and security of a full skirt.

Perfect for parties and special events, pair our lace dresses with simple accessories such as our silk-wool blend stoles and bolero style cardigan.

Sheer and solid


With a charming balance between sheer and solid, our lace dresses provide coverage while revealing just a subtle hint of skin. The main body of the dress is layered with our special stretchy inner fabric, while the sleeves are left sheer for a touch of elegance.

Enjoy tying the waist ribbon in a variety of ways, from traditional bows to more simple or complicated styles.

Learn more about our lace dresses on our special page!

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