Three challenging colours and how to wear them

Here at kay me in the atelier, in our shops around Japan and of course online, you can find our beautifully handmade dresses in every colour of the rainbow. From warm red and orange through cool green and blue, our dresses are available in solid colours and well as our original prints and patterns.

As much as we love this rainbow of choices, needless to say that some colours are easier to wear than others – how many people would pick classic navy over bold yellow for a day in the office? How about for a weekend on town, or a vacation overseas?

Today we take a look at three of the most challenging colours, based on feedback from our Japanese customers, and find new ways to step into style…

One: Yellow


(Yellow dalmatian peplum, Jupiter 100% silk)

Vibrant, energetic and sunny… as much as we love all shades of yellow, worries about looking too pale or ill can hold us back from embracing this powerful colour.

For our Yellow dalmatian peplum dress, we chose to pick out the white background of the print and pair this stunning dress with our beautiful artisan handmade scarf. Wrap over the shoulders to create a more subtle look.

In a similar way, we paired the rich gold tones of our 100% silk Jupiter dress with a simple cache-coeur knit top, creating the look of a top and skirt.

Two: Green


(Pothos blousing, Coffee beans daily)

Earthy, cool and natural… shades of green can be the jewel in your wardrobe with just a little styling!

Our Pothos blousing dress features a printed floral top in shades of green and white with a contrasting black skirt. Highlight the brights with a white jacket that focuses attention on your face, or wear with a black jacket that perfectly matches the skirt and shows off just a hint of green underneath.

Our new Coffee Beans daily dress is a must for caffeine fans, with rich brown and light beige against cool teal. For spring and summer, wear with a white jacket for the office or our elegant white parker for days out and about.

Three: White


(Pure white lace peplum, white bi-colour shirtdress)

Pure, soft and fresh… white is a lovely choice for summer, but white skirts and dresses are always a magnet for mysterious stains and splotches. However, fear white no longer with our hard-wearing fabrics – machine washable, drip-dry and non-iron, wear and wash our whites again and again.

Working with white, we paired our bi-colour shirt dress with a black jacket that highlights the striking contrasting colours of the design.

For a more muted look, we topped our white lace peplum dress with a light beige jacket for a soft look that is feminine and professional.


Have you been inspired to wear a more challenging colour? Find your new favourite dress, with free global shipping and customs charges included.

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