Travel in first class style with kay me

Although we love vacations as much as anyone else, sometimes the travel itself can feel like the most stressful part.


With this in mind, and a keen traveller for business and pleasure herself, kay me founder and lead designer Junko Kemi decided to create our new travel capsule made specially for situations on the go.

Consisting of long dresses and parkers, with more items coming soon, our new items have been designed from start to finish with comfort and style foremost in mind.

Rib Flare Long Dress


First up in our new travel series is are our long dresses with stretchy fitted side rib detail. A long sleeveless dress with a scoop neck, the rib panels on either side create an effortless hourglass effect on the wearer.

Wear with heels for cocktails minutes after touchdown, and stay warm and comfortable on air-conditioned planes.

First Class Parker


New for kay me, our “first class’” parkers were specially created by Junko Kemi as she couldn’t find exactly what she was looking for in terms of a high-quality hoodie jacket that could be worn in a variety of travel situations.

With specially layered fabric providing extra softness, satin ribbons and generous pockets, there’s plenty of details to fall in love with, not to mention easy-to-coordinate colours.

Discover all kay me travel items here

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