Luxurious, authentic and handmade – kay me’s 100% silk dresses

The feeling of silk is incomparable, and that’s just one of the reasons why we worked long and hard to create our wonderful signature line of 100% pure silk jersey dresses.

Not only can you experience the luxury of silk every day, but our unique jersey is also fully machine washable and not susceptible to creasing.


With two new dresses now added to our line-up, there’s never been a better time to feel the sensation of silk.

With a stylish raised collar and gathered bust, our new silk dresses are a great choice for special events in spring and summer, and beyond. The subtle floral print and texture compliment the pretty pink and blue colour variations – pair our pink dress with warm tones and blue with cooler shades.

kay me founder and lead designer Junko Kemi chose to wear our blue dress on her recent business trip to India.

With a full 170 grams of silk in every square metre, kay me’s silk uses double the usual amounts of threads, making it in the top 1% of silk produced worldwide.

This distinctive silk used by kay me is an investment in terms of cost-per-wear, as well as being a revolutionary time-saver – no need for any more trips to the dry-cleaner or hours lost to laundry.

Silk also has a long history of use in Japan, with silk fabrics from 8th century Nara still surviving to this day, and was the clear choice for kay me as an all natural, breathable cloth that also helps to shield the skin from damaging UV rays.

Join as we explore some of the patented process that go into making our handmade silk jersey dresses…

How it’s made:


Reeling and degumming – The silkworm cocoons are first boiled in hot water to soften the material. One worm can produce around 1500m of silk, while seven to eight cocoons are needed to create one long thread suitable for later spinning.

Our environmentally-friendly patented agent contains a natural protein called sericin, which helps to further dissolve the cocoon. Another protein inside the thread, fibroin, is produced, and this creates the beautiful natural shine that silk is known for.

Knitting – kay me’s washable silk is produced in our Kyoto factory, using a circular knitting technique that ensures the back and front of the fabric have the same smooth texture on both sides, making the inside just as lovely as the outside.

kay me’s search for the perfect washable 100% silk has taken years to perfect, working together with  skilled Japanese artisans to turn the dream of washable easy-care silk into a reality.

The process of turning the silk into a fully washable fabric is performed at the same time as printing, creating less waste overall for the environment.


Anti-scratch – Following the second round of cleaning, the fabric is treated with a patented agent that prevents scratches and colour loss, meaning that kay me dresses can be washed and worn again and again, keeping colours bold and prints sharp.

Starching – To make the colours on kay me dresses even more vibrant, prior to printing the fabric is treated with a sizing agent. Talented workers at our Kyoto factory check the silk at each stage to maintain the Japan-made quality standards that are prized the world over.

Printing – kay me’s Contemporary Kimono line is inspired by our authentic heritage of kimono silks and patterns from Junko Kemi’s grandmother’s kimono boutique. From our Kyoto factory to the Ginza store, Contemporary Kimono dresses are printed with long-lasting colourful inks that preserve the unique natural tones found in Japanese kimono culture.

Drying and finishing – Our drying process uses the most natural method: the silk is dried in the sun in the enchanting old capital city of Kyoto. This time-consuming process retains the natural shrinkage of the fabric, and means that kay me’s dresses are fully washable with no excess shrinkage following machine washing at home.

Additionally, to prevent the silk from losing its shape, all edges of the silk are sewn with a special tape that protects the shape of the silk knit.


Invest in heritage and discover the timeless beauty and practicality of kay me’s 100% silk dresses today.

Travel in first class style with kay me

Although we love vacations as much as anyone else, sometimes the travel itself can feel like the most stressful part.


With this in mind, and a keen traveller for business and pleasure herself, kay me founder and lead designer Junko Kemi decided to create our new travel capsule made specially for situations on the go.

Consisting of long dresses and parkers, with more items coming soon, our new items have been designed from start to finish with comfort and style foremost in mind.

Rib Flare Long Dress


First up in our new travel series is are our long dresses with stretchy fitted side rib detail. A long sleeveless dress with a scoop neck, the rib panels on either side create an effortless hourglass effect on the wearer.

Wear with heels for cocktails minutes after touchdown, and stay warm and comfortable on air-conditioned planes.

First Class Parker


New for kay me, our “first class’” parkers were specially created by Junko Kemi as she couldn’t find exactly what she was looking for in terms of a high-quality hoodie jacket that could be worn in a variety of travel situations.

With specially layered fabric providing extra softness, satin ribbons and generous pockets, there’s plenty of details to fall in love with, not to mention easy-to-coordinate colours.

Discover all kay me travel items here

Shape up with kay me dress silhouettes

No matter your shape or style, there’s a dress to suit you and your taste, and all handmade by kay me.

From a fun and feminine flare to a pretty peplum, here at the kay me atelier we love having the opportunity to dress in a great variety of silhouettes, depending on our mood. Many people have a preference, but needless to say that it’s always a good challenge to break out of your comfort zone now and again.

Join us as we round up a selection of our favourite silhouettes for work and weekends…



Some of our most popular styles and a kay me classic, our fit-and-flare cache-coeur dresses feature a crossover bust and beautifully flared A-line skirt. Available in a great variety of prints and colours, these are a wonderful way to expand your dress wardrobe.

For other flared styles, try our sleeveless and flare silhouette dresses.



Some days you just want a loose-fitting dress – enter our easy to wear sack dress and space dress, in thick soft fabrics that drape from the shoulder. Also with handy pockets, our loose dresses can quickly be dressed up or down with just a simple change of sneakers to heels and parker to tailored jacket.



For those who prefer a long and lean look, our docking dresses feature a contrasting loose top with a tighter skirt. Available in solid colours and a lovely variety of prints, docking dresses give you the look of a skirt and blouse with the ease of a dress. New from spring 2018, our shell dresses have a gathered bust with high ribbon-style detail and practical pockets.



Feminine and fun, our peplum dresses are great for the office as well as a city brunch with friends. With a waist-defining frill, peplums are charming on a variety of shapes and sizes, so don’t be shy in giving this trend a try. Our favourites include yellow dalmatian print and lovely lace details.



For styles that flatter your natural figure, our Venus drape and waist-gathered dresses are a great choice. One of our consistently best-selling styles, Venus drape dress are individually handmade from a single large piece of fabric that is then expertly draped to create the final form.

Use the pattern drop-down menu on our online store to find different styles of dresses – try it today to find your new favourite kay me dress!

Three quick ways to elevate your style

If you’ve been feeling in a style rut recently then now is the best time to take charge and change things up as we move into the summer months. Refreshing your wardrobe doesn’t have to be a challenge, and with our specially selected easy care materials, taking care of the clothing you doesn’t have to be a chore either.

kay me stylists put their heads together and came up with three easy tricks for updating your look…


(Navy daily, polka dot (restocking soon!), navy cubic wrap, indigo goldfish waist-gathered)

Solid to print

Instead of going for a plain colour, pick out a print. From florals to geometrics and authentic Japanese imagery, there’s plenty to fall in love with.

Stylist tip: if you’re feeling unsure, choose a pattern with a base of your favourite colour.


(Pink peplum, comet drape, Caroline twist, amaranth ribbon)

Pastel or bright

If you usually reach for dark colours then try the equivalent in a lighter or more pastel tone. At the other end of the spectrum if you commonly wear soft shades, how about trying a bolder and more saturated version?

Stylist tip: pair bright colours with light jackets for extra impact.


(Indigo denim sacknavy daily, mist grey scarf, fiesta rose scarf)

Add a scarf

Perhaps our favourite trick, and the easiest way to elevate any outfit! Take a look at our kay me Select scarves, ethically handmade exclusively by artisans working in India, and don’t forget to try a few of our stylish ways to tie scarves.

Stylist tip: contrasting or complimentary colours – each creates a totally different look.