The Secret to kay me Comfort

Hello everyone, it’s Yuko from the kay me atelier team here!

Right now we’re looking forward to summer, and preparing for next autumn and winter – we’re working hard every day and it’s often a struggle but I’m always excited to start planning for the new season.


The other day, we checked the toile (3D draft for clothing) for my new design, which I always look forward to.

First when we make clothes such as dresses and jackets, the patterner who creates the paper pattern works with our fit model to create shapes – the designer shows the initial sketch to the patterner who then makes a 3D version.

The relationship between the designer and patterner is very important, as even if the design is wonderful, unless the intention and feeling of the garment is conveyed to the patterner we can’t fully create what the designer envisioned.


The patterner is responsible for developing the silhouette of the overall clothing, but also the more subtle points of cutting and draping, as well as how the clothing fits the body and how comfortable it is to wear. Depending on the finished pattern, the fit, finish and comfort of the clothes will be completely different.

This relationship supports kay me’s core value of “instant elegance”.


One after another, new designs are developed… it’s so busy in the atelier!

Until next time… Yuko.

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