What Colour Dress Will You Wear?

In a recent newsletter to our Japanese customers, we asked what colour dress they wish to wear this holiday season, and the results proved very interesting!

Drumroll, please…


Pink was the most popular choice, with red and navy joint second, followed in third place by black.

Purple, gold, green and blue took up the middle spots, while white and yellow were the two least popular colours.

Writing on her blog (in Japanese) about the results of our survey, Junko says:

“Actually, I always want to see other women wearing pink, even at work! Pink is the colour that reminds me of being inside my mother’s womb, and I read a psychological theory of colour that stated that seeing pink will calm anyone down if they are feeling aggressive. … I used this tactic when I had to apologise – I wore pink and the other person said very quickly that they understood my point!

Besides apologising, when you want to make a decision, when you want to make up, and when you want to hear someone’s real intentions – wear pink!”

See all pink dresses here, and don’t forget that you can filter our categories by colour as well as size and pattern – try it yourself to find your new favourite kay me dress!

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