Print story – Placing the Pattern

Hello everyone, it’s Yuko from the kay me atelier team. Today I’d like to share with you our “Autumn of Art”…


I’m always adapting numerous designs from our partners at the London design office, thinking about the colour richness, the dynamic designs and the unique subjects. These are all very important to the design process at kay me, and of course it’s fun for me to be surrounded by plenty of pretty fabrics – it’s like being in an art museum!



It’s quite difficult to create a print dress, as there are various considerations such as the arrangement of the print, the size, the colours and tones of of the print…

In order to get the best final result I make several mock-ups.

At kay me we pride ourselves on matching the print to the design of the dress, as well as pattern-matching each piece of each item, so every dress looks its best.

First, we make a simulation of where to place the main pattern. Then, we place the pattern parts on the fabric to make sure everything fits as we wish. Finally, we make any small adjustments. It’s actually a long process, but this is how we complete all our special dresses.


I think kay me dresses are like paintings! Please enjoy!

Looking forward to next time… Yuko. 

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