Warm Dresses for Winter

November is fast drawing to a close, and yes – Christmas holidays and new year celebrations are just around the corner! We’re getting in the festive spirit at kay me with a selection of dresses and items that we love this season – keep reading to see our favourite dresses for chilly commutes and evening parties…

Wear to work


(Monotone Leaf piping dress, Navy Switch dress, Navy V-neck tight dress)

Let our dramatic original prints guide your style this winter, and our pure wool fabrics keep you warm on your way to and from work. Choose from classic black and white, or try warm navy with our switch dress and beautifully handmade V-neck dress. Stretchy, fully washable and soft to the touch, our rich wool selection encompasses matching suit jackets and skirt as well as versatile dresses.

Wear at the weekend


(Charcoal Grey turtleneck dress, Pink Milano rib knit dress, Cherry Python dress)

Comfort is the name of the game on days off, so feel cosy all day long in our knit dresses specially made in Japan. Our Milano rib knit dress in pink also has pockets, great if you forget your gloves! Perfect for Saturday brunch in the city, our Cherry Python dress is made from extra warm fabric without compromising on kay me’s signature elegant style.

Wear to an event


(Black Rose 100% silk dress, Japan wrap dress, red cache-coeur dress)

Dressing up doesn’t have to mean feeling the cold! Made from 100% silk, our stunning Black Rose dress is inspired by the beauty of Japanese kimono. Pair our fit-and-flare cache-coeur dress in luxurious red with one of our warm underdresses, made with contrasting fabrics to create a smooth silhouette as well as keep you the perfect temperature.

Don’t forget to explore kay me’s knitwear selection for cardigans and knit tops, as well as our exclusive kay me Select range of handmade scarves.

Print Story – Kate Check

Hello everyone, it’s Yuko from the kay me atelier team. This week, I’d like to introduce our new Kate Check print.

Designer and brand founder Junko Kemi loved spending time in the UK last year. Since then, she’s been really inspired by all things English, including Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (don’t you agree she’d look wonderful in kay me?!)


For Kate Check, we wanted to preserve the feeling of a traditional British print, while creating a modern geometric print. Green is paired with a powerful black, and the contrast creates an elegant mood.

The delicate watercolour image is printed using a special inkjet technique, and looks just as if the fabric has been painted directly. kay me textiles are specially printed and retain their colour and sharpness for longer than other types of printing.


(Kate Check wrap dress, black rich wool jacket,

navy riders jacket, off-white turtleneck knit, Kate Check skirt)

When Junko was in London, she loved strolling around Holland Park in particular. With this in mind, I made a mid-length skirt with super stretch waist. It’s great for travel, and has been very popular among kay me staff. This skirt is actually a little limited in quantity, so make sure to grab one while you can!

Enjoy autumn with Kate Check!

Until next time… Yuko.

Pretty Pearl Accessories, from kay me

Fans of kay me will remember our handmade in Japan pearl accessories that launched last year and proved very popular here in Tokyo. Light as air, weighing less than 25 grams total, the secret is balsa wood hand-carved and painted to look just like real pearls.

Our second round of pearl jewellery is on sale now, and join us as we take a closer look…




A tiny touch of blushing pink brings out the best in our angel pink pearls, available in both short and long-length necklaces. Our short necklace sits just under the collarbones and looks great with a turtleneck or plunging V-neck, while our long necklace can be worn as a single strand or doubled for a fresh look.

Adding a new dimension is our double strand of pearls in classical gold, featuring super light balsa wood pearls in gold, bronze and off-white for a look that’s instantly elegant when paired with any plain coloured dress or top.

All kay me necklaces have a quick-release catch for easy wear.



Why choose between long earrings and studs when you can have both? Our new angel pink two-way earrings combine a balsa wood pearl and inlaid crystal jewel with a delicate chain and pearl drop. Wear as a pair of simple studs or dangling earrings, or one of each!

Our hoop earrings have been specially designed to match our classical gold necklace, and also feature our stunning balsa wood pearls in bronze, gold and off-white on a simple hoop.

Equally stylish with hair up or down, long or short, kay me earrings are light and easy to wear.


Add the finishing touch to your kay me outfit with our new pearl jewellery, and see more accessories here.

Print story – Placing the Pattern

Hello everyone, it’s Yuko from the kay me atelier team. Today I’d like to share with you our “Autumn of Art”…


I’m always adapting numerous designs from our partners at the London design office, thinking about the colour richness, the dynamic designs and the unique subjects. These are all very important to the design process at kay me, and of course it’s fun for me to be surrounded by plenty of pretty fabrics – it’s like being in an art museum!



It’s quite difficult to create a print dress, as there are various considerations such as the arrangement of the print, the size, the colours and tones of of the print…

In order to get the best final result I make several mock-ups.

At kay me we pride ourselves on matching the print to the design of the dress, as well as pattern-matching each piece of each item, so every dress looks its best.

First, we make a simulation of where to place the main pattern. Then, we place the pattern parts on the fabric to make sure everything fits as we wish. Finally, we make any small adjustments. It’s actually a long process, but this is how we complete all our special dresses.


I think kay me dresses are like paintings! Please enjoy!

Looking forward to next time… Yuko.