Introducing… New Tweed Jackets and Dresses, from kay me

Chic, elegant and timeless – our new tweed jackets and blousing dresses are a great choice for layering in autumn weather and beyond.

Our new jackets are made with a beautiful texture and mix of colours in both white and navy. The navy fabric has added depth with a silver thread, and our stunning white has a subtle gold thread running through.


Feature buttons create a visual highlight, with the round shape echoed in the collarless design and double pockets with rounded edges. Naturally, here at kay me we love practicality in our designs, and the four pockets of our jackets are the perfect size for small essentials such as keys and cosmetics, and business and metro cards.


Our signature blousing dresses are back with light chiffon tops that flow softly over the waistband of the tight-fitting tweed skirts.

Available in navy and white, pair with the matching jacket or make a statement by wearing with contrasting colours: our dresses look great with their opposite partner jackets, as well as with kay me suit jackets, and tweed jackets worn with plain and patterned kay me dresses are a wonderful way to round out your wardrobe for the coming season.


Discover kay me tweed jackets in white and navy, and chiffon blousing tweed dresses also in white and navy.

See all kay me new arrivals here.

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