Autumn Festivals in Japan

There’s nothing better than marking the changing seasons with a good festival.

Whether you’re a resident or just visiting, Japanese festivals offer a unique chance to experience the sights and sounds (and often tastes) of traditional Japanese culture in a modern setting. With friends old and new, family or attending by oneself, at kay me we’ve rounded up a few of our autumn favourites from around Japan.


(Japonsim print dresses)

Nihonmatsu Lantern Festival

October 4th – 6th, Nihonmatsu, Fukushima

Enjoy the spectacle of beautiful paper lanterns being paraded through the streets of Nihonmtasu in Fukushim,a northern Japan. Explore this 300-year-old tradition at one of Japan’s greatest lantern festivals.

Ginza Matsuri

October 10th – 17th, Ginza, Tokyo

Home of our flagship and HQ, Ginza is Tokyo’s historic shopping district with high-end designers and department stores as well as fantastic cafes and restaurants. Since 1968, in mid-October the Ginza area plays host to parades, live bands and special events. Pop in to kay me while you’re here!


(Solid colour dresses)

Health and Sports Day

October 9th (second Monday of October)

It’s time to get stretching for Japan’s annual sports and health day – let this be your motivation to try something new this year. Whether you’re climbing a mountain or starting a new yoga class, there’s an activity for everyone.

Jidai Matsuri

October 22nd, Heian Jingu Shrine, Kyoto

Over 1700 participants representing figures from Japanese history take part in this five-hour parade through Kyoto, all impeccably dressed in period costume. Take in the best of Kyoto culture and cuisine while you’re here, with many local temples and shrines also getting into the spirit of the season.


(Floral print dresses)

Made in Japan by our team of skilled artisans, kay me dresses are the perfect partner for special occasions. Choose from our Contemporary Kimono line featuring authentic prints from Junko Kemi’s grandmother’s kimono boutique, floral and nature-inspired patterns, and rich colours that capture the beauty of Japan.

Print Story – Butterfly

Hello, it’s Yuko from the kay me atelier team! Today I’d like to tell you about our popular butterfly print.


I think many people like butterflies, and I certainly do! I wanted to make this print with the feeling of little fluttering wings. Butterflies are full of dynamism and are free and so happy. I hope our customers can express these feelings too.

This month we launched our new ivory butterfly print dress – it’s already selling fast! I redesigned this with a slight colour change of the butterflies for autumn. Although it’s just a small change, it gives a different impression and I really like this ivory colour.

By making small changes in our daily lives, we can become a different version of ourselves – just like a butterfly. Wearing this pretty butterfly print, which new self will emerge?


Looking forward to next time… Yuko.

Junko Kemi Visits India

kay me founder Junko Kemi recently visited India to source firsthand new items for our exclusive kay me Select line, bringing together the finest quality with the best handmade craftsmanship from around the world.



Hello, it’s Junko Kemi here…

Last month I visited Delhi in India for the first time. This time was purely for work, so I was only able to stay for one night. I was sad that I couldn’t see more, but my first impression was of all the people!

There was a long line at immigration control, and I read that India has a population of 1.3 billion compared with Japan’s 100 million, and is predicted to exceed 1.5 billion by 2100. When I visited Manila last year for an ASEAN meeting, I saw on the streets that the average age was 23 years old, while in Japan it’s 46!


I also thought about many things while on this trip, including consumption tax (a big issue in Japan), recruitment, how to become a valuable human being, how to train people in organisations, and how we can change the structure of the labour market. These issues came to the top of my mind once again.

On this trip I brought with me some of my favourite kay me items, including our chiffon Monet print dress, new navy stripe dress and two kay me Select scarves – these are essential for surviving strong air conditioning!


I had a wonderful time in India even though it was a short trip, and I’m looking forward to sharing more of my adventures again.


You can find kay me Select items online here, with more coming soon…

Introducing… New Tweed Jackets and Dresses, from kay me

Chic, elegant and timeless – our new tweed jackets and blousing dresses are a great choice for layering in autumn weather and beyond.

Our new jackets are made with a beautiful texture and mix of colours in both white and navy. The navy fabric has added depth with a silver thread, and our stunning white has a subtle gold thread running through.


Feature buttons create a visual highlight, with the round shape echoed in the collarless design and double pockets with rounded edges. Naturally, here at kay me we love practicality in our designs, and the four pockets of our jackets are the perfect size for small essentials such as keys and cosmetics, and business and metro cards.


Our signature blousing dresses are back with light chiffon tops that flow softly over the waistband of the tight-fitting tweed skirts.

Available in navy and white, pair with the matching jacket or make a statement by wearing with contrasting colours: our dresses look great with their opposite partner jackets, as well as with kay me suit jackets, and tweed jackets worn with plain and patterned kay me dresses are a wonderful way to round out your wardrobe for the coming season.


Discover kay me tweed jackets in white and navy, and chiffon blousing tweed dresses also in white and navy.

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