Print Story – Lilac Bouquet


Hello everyone, it’s Yuko from the kay me atelier here again!

For today’s print story, I’d like to introduce one of our newest designs, Lilac Bouquet.

As you might already be aware, all kay me prints are original – you won’t find the same patterns anywhere else in the world.

Our Lilac Bouquet print is so pretty with lots of lovely flowers like pansies and violets as well as the Japanese summer flower morning glory, and really shows off the illustrator’s work and Junko Kemi’s dress designs.

Here’s the original concept:


For my job, I have to build an image of the print and dress: what kind of occasion is it suitable for? Of course Junko has a lot of ideas and wants to wear kay me dresses all the time!

For this particular print, we changed the arrangement of the flower motifs as well as the size and placement.

It’s getting there:


On paper first, we can get an idea of the colours and change some of the key tones in the print. Once it’s printed on a fabric sample, I have to really check it’s perfect.



In this case we weren’t 100% happy with the print colours and felt they weren’t a perfect match for kay me customers.

Back to the drawing board with Junko, and back to planning…

Finally, Lilac Bouquet was born, perfect for kay me’s concept of “instant elegance”, with tones ranging from pale lilac to deep bordeaux gradation for lovely flowers. Perfect for pairing with black, white and grey.

This print looks beautiful as both our Venus Drape and cache-coeur dress styles!


Until next time… Yuko.

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