kay me Shinjuku and kay me CLUB – Grand Opening!

The kay me team is very excited to announce the opening of kay me’s new store in Shinjuku, Tokyo on Saturday July 1st. A leisure and business hub, Shinjuku is the perfect place for kay me’s new location, just a couple of minutes from Shinjuku Sanchome station, and a great stopping point for busy women on the go in the city.


The new kay me store will feature our signature selection of stylish and fuss-free dresses, business suits, accessories and underdresses as well as our Contemporary Kimono and 100% silk lines.

Even more excitingly, visitors to our Shinjuku store will also be able to custom order dresses in their fabric, style, length and size of choice  an archive of favourite kay me prints and styles will be available to choose from, and there’s almost no end to how many different combinations can be designed. Simply chat to one of our team in store for more information on how to create your unique dream dress.


In addition to our beautiful new retail space, the kay me team also invites you to kay me CLUB – created exclusively for members, kay me CLUB is a restful space in the middle of the city and provides a place to relax and unwind. Inspired by five-star lounges and members clubs in London, Junko was motivated to create kay me CLUB as an opportunity for like-minded women (and men!) to have their own oasis of calm in the bustling city of Tokyo.

Open from morning until night, kay me CLUB has been specially designed by kay me founder Junko Kemi featuring 19th Century British antique furniture, with selected complimentary refreshments, as well as wi-fi and printing available on hand.


kay me Shinjuku and kay me CLUB

6th floor, Kurihashi Building, Shinjuku 3-13-5, Tokyo

東京都新宿区新宿3-13-5 クリハシビル6

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