Print Story – Denime

Hello, this is Yuko from the kay me atelier team! Today I’d like to tell you all about our Denime dress.

kay me is a brand that supports working women, so we love to create versatile prints for every occasion: presentations, parties, dinners and the office, as well as dates, outings, travel and resort vacations.

When we look at a design, various scenes and situations run through my head. For example, for a formal dinner, what kind of industry is it? Have they met before? What is the balance of men and women at the dinner? How conservative should attendees dress? And so on…

Even though I’ve spent a long time in the apparel industry, I haven’t encountered many designers who think about materials and designs from this point of view.

Take our Denime print, suitable for every day, you can carry the casual feeling of denim with you.

By overlaying elegant flowers and lace, you can wear this dress on not so casual days as well. We were also conscious of the stitching to maintain the image of actual denim, so we selected a contrasting orange as an accent colour.


We trial printed fabric over and over until we achieved the perfect delicate nuance of authentic antique faded denim. Finally we found the ideal colour and were able to print it using specialist techniques on our top-quality stretchy and washable rayon. The matching design for this print is our signature drape style that flatters your natural figure.

This dress was entirely made in Tokyo from start to finish, so come and take a look!

Looking forward to next time… Yuko.


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