Celebrating Golden Week in Japan

Welcome to May! The days have started getting a little longer and certainly much hotter here in Tokyo, and at kay me HQ in Ginza we’re looking forward to Golden Week – a collection of national holidays that fall close together at this time of year.

Constitution Memorial Day – chosen to remember the implementation of the Japanese constitution, many people and media outlets take the chance to reflect on the meaning of democracy and government in Japan.


Greenery Day – how lovely to have a day to celebrate the beauty of nature! The timing of Greenery Day couldn’t be better, as early May sees all the flowers in public parks and private gardens in full bloom. kay me team members like to take this opportunity to head out of the city and into the countryside: Mt. Takao a short train ride from Tokyo, or Karuizawa in Nagano prefecture for a longer stay amid the trees.

Children’s Day – also known as Boy’s Day (like Hina Matsuri or Girl’s Day), but now seen as a celebration of children and parents, this annual festival has been recognised since ancient times. Children’s Day is one of our favourites, as we love to see the brightly coloured carp streamers (koinobori) swimming in the beautiful blue sky – each carp represents a member of the family.


Celebrate in style with kay me, from Japan to the world.

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