Hina Matsuri in Japan

Every March 3rd in Japan, hina matsuri (also known as girl’s day or doll’s day) is celebrated in Japan.

Visitors and those living here in Japan will be familiar with special displays of traditional Japanese dolls representing the Emperor, Empress and court of the Heian period, placed on tiered platforms.

Each doll represents a different member of the imperial court from musicians to ladies-in-waiting, with the highest tier being occupied by the Emperor and Empress dolls and the lowest tiers of the display usually reserved for representations of items from within the imperial palace.


The practice of celebrating hina matsuri dates back to the original custom of hina nagashi (doll floating), where straw dolls are sent floating downstream to take negative spirits away with them out to sea.

Complete sets of hina matsuri dolls can be incredibly costly, and are often passed down through the generations.

Here at kay me, we love to celebrate traditional Japanese festivals, especially hina matsuri. Our philosophy of placing women at the centre of our business and designs ties in perfectly with the beautiful annual celebration of hina matsuri.

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