NY de kay me, part three

Here’s the third and final part part of kay me HQ staff member Akiko’s blog about her experiences in New York (you can catch up on her previous NY blogs here!):

Hello again from Akiko!

It’s my last NY blog today, so I’d like to introduce some of my favourite places I found in New York.


First up, a typical spot: the Chrysler Building and Empire State building – they are the symbols of the city, and look so beautiful lit up at night.

Next up is the World Trade Center – have you ever been here? It’s a beautiful space with a very open feeling.

I visited an up-and-coming start-up company located in a vacant space on Wall Street. It seems that many financial institutions and organisations have dispersed from that area, so it’s great for new companies and co-working spaces. They told me that there’s always beer in the shared space! What a free and unique office!


Personally, I love Manhattan’s High Line, running from north to south. It’s an aerial garden made by rebuilding what use to be an elevated railway, and in 2014 was extended 14th Street to 34th Street.

There are lots of wood benches with different designs, and as you walk from the south to the north, the scenery of Manhattan spreads to the Hudson river on the left and to the right. The signs of the old railroad make it unique.

I also explored Soho, there are many famous shops and I’m never bored here.

On Thursday, it suddenly started snowing! The city looked wonderful although it was really cold and some companies were closed. It was kind of a tough day!


I hope kay me will come back to New York soon…!

Thanks for sharing your NY adventures, Akiko!

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