Spring Flowers in Japan

It’s a chilly February day here at kay me HQ in Tokyo, so what better time to take a quick look at beautiful spring flowers in Japan? With a few matching dresses, of course!

Plum Blossom (February to March)


One of the first spring flowers to be spotted, plum blossom can be found from February. With petals ranging from white through to deep pink, plum blossom is often overshadowed by its cherry cousin, but is certainly equally as charming and brings a smile to one’s face on cold days when spring warmth seems far away. You can find plum in parks across Tokyo and Japan.

Capture the vibrancy of plum flowers with our Amaranth dress in bold pink, in a cross-over style new for spring 2017. Let this dress shine on its own with minimal block-colour accessories in monochrome.

Cherry Blossom (March to April)


Perhaps Japan’s most famous flower, cherry blossom is known for its short-lived fluffy flowers in all shades of pink. Don’t miss out on Japan’s hanami (cherry blossom viewing) parties, and kay me recommends a stroll along Meguro river in Tokyo to see countless trees draping their boughs and blossoms in the water.

The perfect dress for spring occasions, our Cherry Flower dress was created with hanami in mind, great for spring events. Soft and feminine with a strong traditional Japanese kimono influence, style with a kay me jacket for more formal occasions.

Tulips (April to May)


A non-native flower, tulips have been growing in popularity in Japan, and with their bright colours and variations, it’s easy to see why these bulbs have captured imaginations. Gunma Flower Park in Gunma prefecture, north-east of Tokyo, is famous for its beautiful floral displays throughout the warmer months and nightly illuminations in winter.

Our Perfect Lila dress is a riot of floral petals and brushwork in cool blues and lilacs. A wonderful dress for the transitioning seasons, Lila can be worn with matching kay me jackets and knitwear and looks equally gorgeous with a simple string of pearls.

Wisteria (April to May)


Known for its delicate purple flowers and winding branches, wisteria trees have a long history in Japan and in artwork too. kay me recommends Tokyo-based wisteria hunters visit Kameido shrine (see how many turtles you can spot in the pond!), and those after a dramatic experience should head to Ashikaga in Tochigi prefecture.

Blend in with the flowers in our classic cache-coeur dress in violet, a deep purple that flatters many skin tones. Keep it spring-like with floral patterned accessories, or take a more urban approach with metallics and a kay me biker jacket.

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