Made in Japan, by kay me

Previously featured on our Facebook, learn about the story of “Made in Japan” with our five-part series exploring the factories and the inspiration behind our luxurious silk dresses…


Silk from Kyoto

kay me’s washable 100% silk jersey dresses have been designed to be the ultimate in luxurious daily wear.

We’re passionate about the quality of texture and fabric, and use high quality silk jersey which weighs in at 170g per metre. Using specialist techniques from our Kyoto dye house, we have been able to create fully machine washable silk that doesn’t compromise on print colours or luxurious texture.

Our silk processing technique has been patented by our Kyoto partners, and is made with their outstanding craftsmanship.

Sewing in Toyko

kay me dresses are sewn by experienced artisans, predominantly working in Tokyo in factories that far exceed minimum standards.

A high level of technical skill is needed when sewing jersey – three different types of stretchy threads are needed for different parts.

With our belief in making a wholly good product, we put all our heart into creating each dress by keeping close communication with our team of expert artisans from start to finish.


Printing in Gifu

kay me uses some unique prints originally from a Premiere Vision Paris-award winning design team in the UK, and we recompose the colours and patterns according to the fabric and design concept of each dress.

For part of our iconic Contemporary Kimono series, we use designs and patterns inspired by antique kimono, without losing any of the beautiful texture of silk.

For printing, kay me decides on the best method of hand-screen printing, auto-screen printing, ink jet printing and transfer printing, depending on the fabric and pattern of the dress.

Knitting in Niigata

All our knit items are all made in Japan and are fully machine washable, using only the highest quality wool available. Designed to be specially shaped to fit, our knitwear uses the latest technology to create the perfect pattern of stitches.

kay me’s knitwear is thick, lightweight and is super soft, keeping you cosy all winter long – popular for days out and about as well as relaxing at home.

Kimono Inspired by the Beauty of Japan

kay me’s Contemporary Kimono series is inspired by the childhood experiences of Director and lead designer Junko Kemi – influenced by her grandmother, a kimono shop owner in Osaka, and fascinated by kimono and traditional fabrics.

The Contemporary Kimono series applies patterns inspired by antique to modern dresses, and features gorgeous prints with bright colours that express kacho-fugetsu, the beauty of Japanese nature.


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