kay me Executive Mentorship Program

Hi! This is Natsumi, intern from kay me.

I’m here to report a mentoring brunch event on 17th Dec (Sat)!!

As you may know, kay me Ginza has been hosting monthly business events this year to communicate with our customers in various exciting ways.

So for our December theme, we decided to pick up “kay me Executive Mentorship Program,” a career event that Tokyo-based businesswomen share career hints with students from Waseda University, a leading private university in Japan.

We kicked off the event on a beautiful Saturday morning with our variety of welcome drinks and snacks, and delightful Christmas music.

Mentors who have a lot of experience as executive women answered to insightful questions (e.g. Work Life Balance, difficulties in the office and some tips for job hunting etc…) from Waseda students, and after all the talks, they enjoyed kay me dress-choosing game – they were given 2 scenarios and mentors helped pick the perfect dress for each mentee!

We were so happy to see all beautiful smiles and their confidence in kay me dress…

We really appreciate all the passion and energy from both mentors and mentees, and we look forward to welcoming everyone again.

Xoxo… Natsumi


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