Winter Event Inspiration, from kay me

Although spring and summer may be the seasons known for their celebratory events, autumn and winter also have their fair share of reasons to dress up and spend time with friends, family and even coworkers and business associates. With the season in mind, we’ve put together a selection of our favourite kay me dresses that are great for winter weddings, elegant dinners and other festive occasions.

100% Silk Contemporary Kimono Dresses


Edo Murasaki, Toki Michelle, Tokiwa Midori

Washable, non-iron, soft, stretchy and made in Japan – our 100% silk dresses have to be felt in person to capture the luxurious feeling and see the sheen of our patented and premium silk line. Exclusive to kay me, these dresses highlight not only the skill of our trained artisans who make every kay me dress in Japan, but also the authentic lineage of kay me from founder Junko Kemi’s grandmother’s kimono shop in Osaka.

Cache-coeur Dresses


Cache-coeur in mineral blue, violet and red

Our cache-coeur dresses are a year-round favourite, and it’s easy to see why: with a selection of colours to flatter all skin tones and a classic fit-and-flare shape, these dresses can also be tied in a variety of ways. Ballet shoes or boots, textured tights or bare legs, minimal jewellery or plenty of pearls – accessorise these versatile dresses your way.

Printed Dresses


Utopia, Nocturne, Blue Mucha

We’ve never met a print we didn’t like, and with good reason! Top picks for this season include our classic Utopia wrap dress, a firm favourite in Tokyo, Nocturne’s monotone florals that are perfect for transitioning seasons and even a signature wrap dress featuring out Blue Mucha design – simply add a matching black jacket for effortless style or a contrasting white jacket for even more impact.



Charcoal grey and greige

We’ll let you in on a big secret – have you ever wondered how Japanese women manage to look so elegant despite some pretty chilly temperatures? The answer is kay me’s new warm winter underdresses in charcoal grey and greige (grey-beige), using different thickness of fabrics to create a smooth silhouette and an extra warm under layer to provide protection from the cold. We recommend the charcoal grey for darker dresses, while the neutral greige tone works wonderfully even under light-coloured dresses.

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