Top Wrap Dress Tips from kay me

Have you ever wondered how to perfectly tie your beautiful new kay me dress? Never fear, our easy to follow video guides are here to give you a helping hand to recreate the best bows and form-flattering lines that make kay me cache-coeur and wrap dresses such a great choice for women on the way to work as well as relaxing at the weekend.

Keep reading and hit play to learn the secrets of how to tie your dresses…


How to tie a kay me cache-coeur dress:

With the zip fully open, slip the dress over your head and then zip up.

Feed the left ribbon through the hole on the right hand side, then pull the right ribbon tight and pass both around your back. Try to keep the ribbons as flat as possible for the best effect.

Tie a bow in the centre, and spread out the ribbons for extra volume.

You can also experiment with different positions and ways to tie your bow, just like a kimono obi belt.

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How to tie a kay me wrap dress:

Start with the dress open, and thread the left ribbon through the hole on the right hand side.

Pull both ribbons behind you, making sure the dress is snug and there are no wrinkles in the ribbons.

Pass the ribbons around your back and to the front again, while still keeping the ribbons as flat as possible.

Tie a bow – our kay me styling team suggest slightly off-centre to the left and the larger the bow the larger the impact.

Finally, you’ll find kay me’s signature fastener on the left side – attach to the right, and you’ll be protected on breezy days.

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Not only are kay me dresses easy to wear, but our high quality fabrics with patented easy-care technology also feel great – no more stiff materials that crease too easily. We even took two years to find the perfect fabric blends to ensure that our top level standards continue across the whole kay me range.

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