The Language of Flowers

One of the many distinctive features of kay me dresses, along with our easy-care fabrics and Japan-made quality, is our wide range of distinctive prints and patterns. Our Contemporary Kimono line features motifs from authentic antique kimono, and as in Japanese art, the beauty of nature is always the source of inspiration and cause for celebration.


Florals for spring and summer are considered a classic for good reason, as wearing beautiful flower prints lifts any mood and bring to mind the hope and happiness of the season.  In Japan as well as in Victorian England, the complex symbology of flowers was used to convey meaning without the use of words – the perfect way to send a secret message to a loved one or subtly display your inner emotions.

A modern way of utilising the language of flowers is to literally wear your heart on your sleeve and instead of carrying a bunch of flowers or posy with you, to wear your favourite flower in dress form.

Here’s a bouquet of some of our best-loved floral print dresses, along with their mysterious meanings…


Peony – romance, prosperity, good fortune / Japanese meaning – bravery

Stand out in this gorgeous peony-print dress, one of our most popular kay me designs. With its flattering colours and unique print, this wrap dress epitomises our ethos of instant elegance with day-long comfort.


Cherry blossom – beauty of life / Japanese meaning – kind, gentle

Sakura season may be short-lived, lasting just around a week, but now you can enjoy the fleeting beauty of cherry blossom all year round! Traditionally a spring motif, delicate cherry blossoms are seen on our fabulous Edo Bingata dresses, inspired by traditional Edo-era woodblock prints.


Plum blossom – strength / Japanese meaning – spring, protection, health

Earthy tones and a range of flowers make our Quiet Garden dress anything but a wallflower. Plum blossoms flower slightly earlier than sakura (cherry blossom) in Japan, and are seen as an early indicator of the coming of spring. Their tiny pink blooms add a much-needed splash of colour after the long winter, and certainly brighten everyone’s day.


Bay leaves – glory, strength protection

Last but not least is our Holland Park print, inspired by kay me founder and lead designer Junko Kemi’s travels in London. Junko loved spending early mornings in the park, so much so that she created and named this design after her favourite place. We’re sure that Holland Park will become a firm favourite of yours too, and the soft chiffon fabric of this dress highlights the delicate leaf pattern.

Keep an eye out for even more lovely floral prints coming to kay me soon!

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