kay me at London’s Leggera Nell’Aria

London calling!

Did you know that kay me is available at beautiful King’s Road boutique Leggera Nell’Aria?

We’ve specially selected a range of our stunning premium Japan-made dresses exclusively as a capsule collection for London, so whether you’re looking for a dress for the next big wedding or something special for a summer holiday, take a trip to Chelsea to find your new favourite kay me dress.


“The aim of Leggera Nell’Aria is to offer our clientele a totally unique experience on the King’s Road, marrying the conventions found in fashion with a contemporary twist. Think a take on Dover Street Market but on an historic road such as the King’s Road which over the years has driven fashion forward.”

kay me encourage you to get up close and personal to feel the amazing quality of our hand-made dresses, each one made in Japan by a team of skilled artisans. The complex patterns and high standard of materials, not to mention our patented easy-care fabrics, make kay me a natural choice for busy women in London.


If you’re in London, or even just passing through, head to Leggra Nell’Aria at 328 King’s Road, SW3 5UH. We look forward to seeing you there!

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